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In this video, @Ghost_Boy_Aki shows how to install front lower control arm spherical bearing kit on your EG/DC2 or EK lower control arms.Product shown: Front Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Kit (EG/DC2) $249.99 Front Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Kit (EK) $249.99

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In this video, @PRBeauty goes into detail with her new turbo build and shows off our beautiful K-Series Sidewinder. She also sent us over a few pictures of the manifold mounted and it looks amazing! Check it out: Product Shown: K-Series Sidewinder Turbo Manifold $949.99

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In this video, @Ghost_Boy_Aki unboxes various of our products showing the details of each one. Watch until the end of the video for a special coupon code to help you save on your next order with us!

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